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Deploy each unit in one of 4 ways to maximize their effectiveness. Each has unique strengths and opportunities.

Promote one hero to be your leader. This Leader gives you a powerful unit-wide ability, but if they're defeated, you lose!

Carefully manage the dynamics of your hand, your heroes, and your leader ability to seize victory!

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"10/10. Favorite card game ever. Wonderful blend of tactics and strategy, many good choices, endless variety, and just the right amount of options to consider each turn."

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"10/10. There's a deceptive depth of strategy here, and it's impressive the way your entire deck's playstyle is shaped by your choice of starting Leader."

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"9.5/10. So much fun and strategy even with this one small deck. I can't wait to bust open the expansions. Another unbelievable winner from Level 99! Buy this now."

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